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Face lifting and Butt agumentation

Recent Facial lifting surgeries do not involve big incisions anymore. It is made possible by injecting stem cells into areas of the face that needs to be enhanced, augmented or lifted using only a needle.

These stem cells, harvested from the patient’s own fat, will start to revitalize and regenerate facial tissues, making the patient’s face to appear refreshed and lifted.

Fat facial grafting involves putting stem cells and fat together in the desired site to assure the fat will stay in the area.  Using stem cells with fat causes blood vessels to grow into the fat to keep it alive and vibrant in the grafted tissue.

The nataural process of our stem cell face lift therapy uses the patient’s own stem cells derived from harvested fat in the abdomen through a liposuction procedure, all while under local anesthetic.

There is minimal bruising and swelling, and with the absence of incisions, scarring is virtually impossible. The sensation is that the face is buzzing or stimulated and a light tingling effect may be present. The stem cells are regenerating collagen and elastin tissue. This means that new skin is growing over time and it appears every day that the person is relaxed and has been on vacation.

Butt augmentation through Stem Cell is now possible, as a safer alternative to the traditional Silicone Implant Augmentation or Hydrogel Injection.

Silicone Implants for Butt augmentation have risks, which can either be short- or long- term. It includes scarring, displacement, rupture, as well as negative or sensitive response of the body to the foreign implant.

As for Hydrogel Injections, many patients have shown infections, necrosis of tissue and pain when sitting down.

Using Stem cell therapy, we are now able to transfer Fat into our buttocks for a better shape and lift. Stem cells that are harvested from the adipose tissues will be mixed with fat taken from the patient’s abdomen, flanks or thighs. This will then be used to augment the buttocks, allowing the patient to have a fuller size and shape through a much safer procedure.

Advancement in StemCell and minimally invasive techniques are setting the bar for natural approaches and organic alternatives to traditional artificial implantation.


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